Zenkai Sports Becomes the Official Performance Apparel Partner of the NWHL

Zenkai Sports (Portland, Oregon) is pleased to announce it is the Official Partner of Girls’ and Women’s Hockey and the Official Performance Apparel Partner of the National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL).

Zenkai Sports (Zenkai) will provide base layer and compression wear for every player in the NWHL. Using revolutionary apparel technology, players will benefit from water repellent yet breathable layers that work with their body, not against it. This allows them to thermoregulate naturally, instead of wicking sweat away which decreases performance by making athletes overheat faster.

Zenkai has top performance athletes in all sports globally and across North America, but this is their first sponsorship across an entire division, and they look forward to hearing from players about the performance benefits from training to game day.

“The NWHL is proud to partner with Zenkai as they supply our athletes with the top-of-the-line base layer and compression gear,” said NWHL Deputy Commissioner Michelle Picard. “Their technology will ensure that NWHL players can remain at their best while they compete for the Isobel Cup.”Zenkai technology takes natural cotton and makes it antimicrobial, anti-odor, stain-resistant, and water repellent. A video of their products in action can be found here.

“Zenkai is excited and proud to partner with the National Women’s Hockey League. We look forward to working together and providing world-class performance apparel to their world-class athletes,” said Doug Lynch, CEO & Co-Founder of Zenkai Sports.