Why Bill Belichick’s longtime girlfriend Linda Holliday is going private on Instagram: ‘I am tired of trolls’

Courtesy N Magazine/Twitter @NMagazine

On Wednesday, Linda Holliday, New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick’s longtime girlfriend, announced why she will be going private on Instagram. The announcement comes after drama surrounding Instagram comments from trolls, Tom Brady comments and mentions of Belichick when discussing why TB12 left New England.

The hate on her account was largely fueled by Holliday having slight criticism for Brady. 

While she said she was happy for the 43-year-old for heading to the NFC Championship Game, she made a note that Brady wasn’t the driving force behind the offense scoring in the Divisional round against the Saints.

She later clarified that she meant it was field position and lot of help from defensive turnovers that assisted Brady’s offense.

Holliday wrote on Instagram:

“My account will be going private in the next few hours I am exhausted by the number of trolls and cruel people who have hammered my social media accounts recently. I’m not ’embarrassed’ by anything I’ve said. In fact, several news outlets understood what I meant about defensive TD’s and validated it. BUT, I am tired of trolls!! I’m not sure when it became ok to verbally abuse and harass people on social media. I look forward to staying connected with my personal friends.”

Commenters took to her account to say that Belichick drove Brady away, a theory that is not new. For a few years, many have said there was tension between Brady and Belichick, an unhappiness between them and an issue with who is running the show, to summarize it.

Holliday has likely heard these comments, but was sick of them being right in her face and on her personal account with a tone of verbal abuse as she mentioned in her comment, so she decided to make a settings change.

Her account now is indeed private and as of Thursday afternoon she is listed as having 61.9k followers.