Warriors’ Draymond Green goes nuts, jumping up and down while trying to set up teammates on offense

Getty Images

Draymond Green has never been accused of subtlety. His impact on the floor might only be visible to those who look closely, but his bombastic attitude is evident from the moment you turn on the TV. He jogged his way through the 2019-20 season thanks to his injury-depleted roster, but now that he’s playing for a possible winner again, he’s back to his old, temperamental ways. 

Perhaps no play could better exemplify that than this absolutely wild sequence in which Green, desperately trying to align his teammates on offense, jumps up and down wildly and twirls his finger in order to call the play. 

This is an extremely young Warriors team. James Wiseman is a rookie. Andrew Wiggins and Kelly Oubre Jr. are both 25. None have played in a championship-level infrastructure yet, and Draymond is not going to sit on his hands waiting for them to adjust to it. He is going to force them to play like veterans, one way or another, and when they don’t, well, tantrums like this are going to be the result. 

That’s probably what the Warriors want, anyway. Draymond is their culture-setter. He’s the one who is going to hold these new players accountable. The results have been promising so far. Golden State seems to be getting its act together, and with a blowout win on Monday nearly in the books, they are about to move above .500 for the first time this season at 4-3.