The Rams picked the perfect time to break out a hook and ladder

Rams vs. Packers lived up to its billing after a slow start, with Los Angeles putting the game in striking distance with a sneaky little hook and ladder play to complete a two point conversion.

The hook and ladder might be one of the most common trick plays we see in the NFL, particularly in desperation situations — but that doesn’t make it any less impressive. A missed extra point by Green Bay’s Mason Crosby earlier in the game opened up the possibility for the Rams to get it within one score on a conversion here.

It’s a pretty gutsy play that puts a lot of faith in multiple players to get it right, but that’s exactly what Los Angeles needed. The play put serious pressure on the Packers after looking comfortable up 25-10, but cutting deep into the lead made this one close.

This is just an appreciation of the hook and ladder. It’s so simple in description, and masterful in execution. We saw the Dolphins run the play earlier this season against New England.

And years ago it was the only way the Jets could score against, you guessed it, the Rams.