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It would be an understatement to call the Boston Bruins among the NHL’s dirtiest teams. The team is infamous for its enforcers, and fans have long had a reputation for trash talk and trash-talking on the ice. Nevertheless, are these boasts truly deserved? In all honesty, probably not.

Since the lockout opened, there has not been another team with more fighting majors than the Bruins. And they haven’t been alone in this top-shelf record. The Boston Bruins have been called by many “the worst team in hockey” and “the dirtiest team in hockey.” However, are these boasts truly deserved? In short, probably not.

Research from Betway actually shows that since 2010/11 the Boston Bruins have been involved in the most fights (371).

Of the three “dirtiest” teams in NHL history, perhaps the Bruins are the most deserving. For a franchise that has been around for only two decades, it’s hard to argue that the team deserves this reputation. But why does the Boston Bruins receive so much venom? What has happened over the last decade to make the club’s star players and coaching staff deserve this reputation?First, some should consider why the number of fighting majors has been so high since the last 10 seasons. There was a period in which the league was lax when it came to fighting, so it was difficult for players to participate in extra-base hits. Players didn’t seem to enjoy participating in physical play, and there wasn’t nearly the same level of aggressiveness back then that exists today.

With the NHL’s instigator penalties and other stricter disciplinary measures, the game has become more aggressive. Teams now want to instigate altercations, and they have every right to. Since fights are so common during this time, it’s easy to see why the number of fights has increased dramatically. It’s also easy to understand why the NHL’s dirtiest teams are going to be popular picks to win the Cups.

As you look into the teams that have the worst reputation, it’s important to keep in mind what type of player each one is. Most “dirty” teams are known for their physical play, but some surprising teams excel at scoring dirty goals. For example, the New York Rangers, Buffalo Sabres, and Ottawa Senators each feature two exceptional skill players when it comes to fighting. These include center depth guy Milan Lucic and right-wing Mike Hoffman. Center depth is often one of the weak spots on a team, so having a player like Lucic or Hoffman should provide a lot of power for any team.

The defending champions, the Boston Bruins, are one of the most feared instigators in the league. They are known for instigating confrontations, swinging sticks, and being dirty. Among the fighting majors, the Boston Bruins have had the most fights ever recorded over the course of the last two decades. Of course, getting into fights is a part of the game, which is why the Bruins are so good at it.The St. Louis Blues is another great team for those who want to see a dirty play. The Blues are known for playing great physical hockey, especially on the defensive end. They are also well-known for their great defensive play, which includes shutting down top scorers like the Montreal Canadiens’ Alex Ovechkin. This makes them an easy team to beat when it comes to forechecking and getting into fights. Another reason why they are a good choice to win your series or competition is because of the number of games they’ve won this year. The Blues have been a thorn in the sides of many other contenders this year.

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