Secret Base 1 million sale SPECIAL

The Secret Base Youtube channel has surpassed 1 million subscribers. If you’re a subscriber, thank you so much. This is a big deal, and it literally could not have happened without you. (If you’re not a subscriber, we appreciate your support regardless.)

To celebrate the milestone we’re having a sale on all of our available merch. Enter the promo code ONEBILLION for 15 percent off your purchase! The offer is only available until January 5th, so act fast!

Here’s what’s in stock:

This 20020 inspired shirt, is perfect for ringing in the New Year. It’s also a great reminder to fix your calendars and remember the greatness that is 20020.

Celebrate our esteemed Beef History series with this comfortable hoodie. You need a hoodie for the cold, or for the style. Either way, this is a great comfortable purchase for when you’re cooking or binging the beef!

Look at how good JZ makes this shirt look!

Need I say more?

This mug is good for all of your beverage needs. I personally use it for hot cocoa because my apartment is super cold. I love how the crossing tape design makes me feel like I’m drinking from the wrong Holy Grail or a Chalice that gives me cool powers. Anyway, buy a mug. My mom loves it.

That’s all we have in store for now, but be sure to follow @SecretBase on Twitter for more merch updates!