Podcast: We spoke to Amy Trask on how to fix things with Deshaun Watson

The biggest story of the 2021 offseason may have already broken before it even begins. Deshaun Watson’s unhappiness with the Texans has fans in Houston puckering and fans everywhere else salivating over what could happen next. Surely new general manager Nick Caserio wants to try and put the genie back in the bottle, but how does he do that exactly? CBS Sports’ Analyst Amy Trask joined today’s SB Nation NFL Show with me and Brandon Lee Gowton to offer her thoughts on how to repair the relationship.

“I would find a way to privately contract Deshaun and then have a conversation Nick to Deshaun, adult to adult,” Trask said, “Let’s put aside everything that’s been written and talked about. Let’s have a conversation man-to-man where we each speak for ourselves rather than letting others speak for us…You’re going to have to establish some trust with Deshaun because it seems pretty apparent he doesn’t have that with others in the building.”

It’s not hard to see how Amy became the CEO of the Raiders. But what if Deshaun isn’t swayed by that phone call? How does Caserio handle a disgruntled franchise quarterback? And what are other GMs around the league doing now to try and trade for him?

Listen to today’s SB Nation NFL Show in the player below to find out.

Other topics discussed in the episode:

  • What is the one question Amy says the Eagles should have asked themselves before firing Doug Pederson?
  • What does the Browns’ win say about Baker Mayfield and the organization?
  • Why NFL head coaches are hideously bad at fourth down decisions