LOOK: LeBron James responds to social media impersonation of his reaction to James Harden trade

The NBA landscape was drastically altered on Wednesday when the Brooklyn Nets acquired superstar guard James Harden from the Houston Rockets in a massive four-team trade. Harden will join forces with a former teammate in Kevin Durant and star guard Kyrie Irving.

Shortly after news of the trade made its rounds on social media, YouTube personality Mark Phillips, who often posts satire videos centered around the NBA, shared a video of himself pretending to be LeBron James and reacting to the Harden trade. On Thursday, James himself tweeted a few of his favorite parts of the video and seemed to find it extremely hilarious.

In the video, Phillips pokes some fun at James’ recent no-look shot against the Rockets. Eventually, Phillips is imitating James in practice when he has a teammate show him the Harden news.

Phillips ends up flying off the handle, points out that he’s 36 years old, and every team is out to dethrone him as the NBA champion. Of course, the Los Angeles Lakers are the defending NBA champions and certainly could repeat if all goes according to plan this season.

James particularly got a kick out of Phillips making of him with the 36 years old comment. In the video, Phillips acts as if he’s calling Irving on the phone regarding the Harden trade and Irving is silent on the other line. Then Phillips tells his teammates that they have to practice for two more hours.

It’s pretty cool to see James not taking any offense to the video and finding it entertaining. It’ll certainly be interesting to see if the Nets and Lakers end up facing off in the NBA Finals when the playoffs roll around later this year.