Dana White: Mayweather is Going To Give Paul Worst Ass-Whoopin You’ve Ever Seen

UFC President Dana White is expecting a one-side beating when Youtube star Logan Paul steps in the ring with former five division world champion Floyd Mayweather.

Their exhibition fight is scheduled to take place on February 20th, as the main event of a pay-per-view card.

In the last few days, there has been some chatter regarding the bout being pushed back to a later date.

Logan, 25-years-old, is 6’2 and 200-pounds. On the other side, Mayweather is 5’8 and weights 150-pounds.

Mayweather retired from the sport in August of 2017, when he stopped UFC star Conor McGregor in ten rounds at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Mayweather walked away with a perfect record of 50-0.

He came back for an exhibition fight in December 2018, when he traveled to Japan and demolished overmatched Tenshin Nasukawa in one round.

Paul is 0-1 as a pro, with that loss coming in 2019 when he dropped a split decision to Youtube rival KSI.

Despite the big size difference, and the age gap, White believes Mayweather is going to beat down Paul in brutal fashion.

“It’s gonna be bad,” White explained to TMZ… “I’m open for — and I don’t dislike any one of these kids … but if Floyd Mayweather really shows up and goes in and fights this kid, it’s gonna be an ass-whoopin’ like nobody has ever seen before.”

“Logan’s gonna find out what speed is. Speed is power! When you get hit with sh*t that you don’t see coming and when a guy like Floyd Mayweather starts putting it on you — it’s not even gonna be a fight. It’s gonna be ridiculous! It’s gonna be the worst ass whoopin’ you’ve ever seen. Take the size difference and all the other things, it’s gonna look like what a grown man can do to his kid.”